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    The Anegada Passage is a key shipping lane for the Panama Canal.[2] Often called the "Oh-my-god-a Passage"[3], it is considered a difficult passage for sailors because of the winds, waves, and swells.[4

    ]Anegada Passage, channel in the West Indies, connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Caribbean Sea; it is 40 miles (65 km) wide and separates the British Virgin Islands (west) from the Leeward Islands (southeast). It has the greatest depth (more than 7,550 feet [2,300 m]) of any channel in the eastern Caribbean. The passage is one of the two through which subsurface water enters the Caribbean (the other being the Windward Passage).


    Sailing Directions: ESE
    Sailing Distance: 6nm
    Sailing Time: 1h



    Sailing Directions: ESE
    Sailing Distance: 5NM
    Sailing Time: 1h



    Named for the hourglass-like curves of its coastline, the island of Virgin Gorda was inhabited for many years by Carib Indians who lived peacefully off the land in farming and fishing villages. These indigenous people made do by using the islands abundance of natural resources and trading with one another. Eventually the island was settled by the British and like its many neighboring islands, Virgin Gorda was frequently visited by Bluebeard and Captain Kidd, some of history's most notorious pirates.



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