Ok here we are

    Our last guerst where droppet at base around 11am. We need to prepere to stay out at least two weeks.

    Propane for galley, Coal, sigarette, food, water, some spear as diesel oil, bilge pump, sanitizers, and so on.

    1300 out of Base, heading Peter, small harbour.

    is crouded , stern line, 30 mt anchor.

    Some yachts are tight toghether, personally we wanna stay almost a week isolated, just to be sure we are not carryng  infection.

    The  situation is fluid, is dfficult to immagine any medium term plan, what will be. 

    For now the only thing to do is , stay isolated, sanitize the yacht, old fast long as possible.

    2400, stern line snap, We have a long chain , turning all night in the bay. 








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