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    Sailing Area : British Virgin Island Seven Day charter


    Lets Go 1st Day

    Sailing to Cooper Island


    Cooper Island

    BVI little gem

     cooperbeachCooper Island is one of the BVI's little gems. It has a protected anchorage, a white sand beach, a resort and restaurant, a superb snorkeling location with wreck diving nearby and an interesting shoreline for kayaking and exploring. It also has a little known but interesting history. The name of the island is somewhat enigmatic but there are two theories:

    it was named for its first settlers, a Dutch family named Koop, or it was named Cooper for the coopers that came to collect the white cedar used for making rum barrels. 


    Beach Club

    Diving in BVI

    Wreck Diving

    cooperRohneRMS Rhone

    RMS Rhone is the most popular diving spot in all of British Virgin Islands that encapsulates one of the most popular divable shipwrecks in the world, the RMS Rhone.

    This was a ship belonging to Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, used to transport mail and passengers from and to the Caribbean. What made it stand out among other ships was its features, it had both sail and steam power.

    Robert F. Wooley, the captain of the RMS Rhone, was forced to avoid St. Thomas – the designated coaling station – as this area was affected by a yellow fever epidemic . He anchored near Peter Island, in Great Harbor, but on 29th October 1867 things will take a turn for the worst. Bad weather was ahead so the captain decided to up the anchor and sail between Salt and Peter Island to avoid hitting the rocks. A hurricane hit the ship once and Wooley went outside to inspect the weather and was washed overboard. Rhone started to head for the rocks and soon met its end near Black Rock Point, along with its 123 passengers.


    Sail Caribbean Divers

    2nd day Virgin Gorda



    The Spanish Island

    Virgin Gorda is a Caribbean island in the British Virgin Islands. It’s known for the Baths, a labyrinth of beachside boulders forming a series of pools and seawater-flooded grottoes. White-sand beaches nearby include Spring Bay and Devil’s Bay, plus Savannah Bay farther north. In the island’s mountainous north, trails lead up Gorda Peak to a lookout tower with views of the scattered surrounding islets.


    The Bath
    The Baths on Virgin Gorda can be reached by short taxi ride from Spanish Town marina or a swim in from the dinghy moorings just outside the swim area near the shore. Check with your crew for the best option and they will also be able to check if it is safe to swim in. They have a flag system telling them the current conditions.


    Spring Bay
    Hog Heaven
    Leverich Bay : Pirate Show

    The Pirate Show

    Michael Beans AAAARRRrrrr!!!

    Michael Beans AAAARRRrrrr!!! The highly sought after pirate performer Michael Beans!!! Born in Grand Haven, Michigan in 1956, Michael Beans is a high-energy entertainer who cut his musical teeth on the port towns and islands of the Great Lakes. He was raised to the sound of jug band music and spent countless hours absorbing the magic that is found at spontaneous jam sessions with family and friends during hunting and fishing camps. With an ever-growing love for the old timer’s stories, he grew especially fond of backwoods lore and the seafaring songs from the early days of sail. Inspired by the music of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot and Donovan, he began writing his own songs in the mid-70’s. In 1977 he began his musical career playing the nightclub and festival circuit throughout Michigan in the summer and touring the Florida Keys in the winter. In 1980 he recorded his first album “Driftin'” under the Pro Am label.

    3rd Day Heading to Anegada



    Journey ashore in Scooter , Cab or Car

    Scooter Rental

    Loblolly Bay

    Loblolly Paradise

    West End

    Lobster Dinner Ashore
    Lobster Dinner Onboard

    4th Day : Back to the Island


    Another Day In Paradise Program: ADIPP

    Sailing From Anegada

    sailingLeopardSails Up - Heading South

    To come back from Anegada we sail early in the morning, usually  before Breakfast.  Heading south somtimes the sea is rought.

    The plan is to Sail for 2h and half.
    Departure 0630AM at sunrise.

    Breakfast and Snorkeling at Diamond Reef
    Lunch at White Beach in Guana Island
    Night in Cane Garden Bay

    5th Day :Josh Van Dyke

    Josh Van Dyke Program

    Good Mooorning Inspired T: Boubbly Pool

    After Breakfast Sailing North for 30min to Little JVS 

    The Bubbly Pool on Jost Van Dyke in the BVI

    JVDBubbleOn the east side of Jost Van Dyke, a short distance from Foxy's Taboo restaurant located in Long Bay and directly beside Diamond Cay, you'll find a geological delight known as the "Bubbly Pool". 

    To get here, you'll cross a short peninsula separating Long Bay and the Cape Wright salt pond, shown in the picture below.



    Follow this easily navigated foot path around the salt pond and through the waste high, wild sage bushes. You won't get lost as long as you stay on the path ... and even if you should go astray, there really isn't very far to go! 



    This photo of The Bubbly Pool is courtesy of TripAdvisor
    White bay : Soggy Dollars
    Grat Harbour : Foxy Yacht Club

    6th Day :


    Smuggler Cove

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    Peter Island : Willy T

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    7 Day : back to base


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